Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today I went to the Center for the Book.
They had a print shop and a BUNCH of cool books people made. I think that these books are cool ‘cause they were handmade (not the people) & also because I got to see how they made them.
Some of the books were sewn together!
They also had these huge paper cutting things!
It was AMAZING!!

Right now I’m working on a book called:
Cute Deathly Monsters

I’ll catch up with you (on it) when its done.

These are some pictures from today!
ONLY 82% sure?!

This was one of my favorite posters!

This was right outside.

It really said (SF)Center For The Book.

HUGO!This is
my(AWESOME) brother.

We are learning about this printer thingy.

The cutest book there!(I only saw this one!)


  1. Wow, this looks fun! Did you see a print shop in a van there?

  2. yes!i did.
    it was to crowded1 :)

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  4. Mila, we should have a book making date! I can show you how to make lots of cool books!


  5. I'm excited for the release of "CUTE DEATHLY MONSTERS"! "Bacon Rocks" is still my favorite book by you...

  6. i LOVE visiting places where things i love are actually MADE. books, furniture, art. your photos of the trip made me want to learn more about how books are made!!