Thursday, August 9, 2012


  well, since i never write in my blog, I'm just not going to anymore...



:) :)


Monday, June 18, 2012


 Hey guys! Yesterday, we went to a pool party in Berkley, and it was AMAZING! The pool was HUGE, and plus, (this is really smart) it was in a 


 Isn't that so smart? It was so warm and beautiful! I love, love, love that pool! I am surely going to build a pool like that when I am older! I hope that you guys are enjoying your summers! I will post pix later, gut now, GTG (Got To Go)!






 Mila :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


   Hi guys! I'm in Germany right now! It is really fun here. Today, we went to the flea market and I got a battery-worked sewing machine that's about 10 inches long! I dunno if it works or not... but, I'll figure out soon! I LOVE Germany! Though... I am pretty home sick. I miss all of my friends back in San Fransisco (and the one family driving across America!) . Today we also went to a cafe for lunch. There was a really cute baby there that I took a picture of! I will write later too, but now, I gotta go!


Thanks again!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of School!

   Hey guys! It's Mila... I am SUPER excited because we only have 2 days left of school! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am SO excited! I also cannot believe that I'm already gonna be in 5th! Ack! But... that also means that I get to go see Emilia and Lottie sooner and sooner! Woo Hoo! Ugh, today Mr.Man (Mansager) made us bring all of our stuff home! I almost broke my back with all that stuff on my back! I... I mean, my mom and I made a slide-show with all the pics from the past 2 years! It was really cool, and every time a pic of Darian came up, Antonio, Josiah, Ronnell, and Khary started screaming,
This summer, I assure you that I will NOT be having any more boring posts! I am going to Spain and Italy with my dad! My mom ordered me a pair of sandals that have straps and are gold! Well people, thats news...

Thanks so, so, So much!

- Mila <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maker's Faire

  Hey guys! Today, I went to the Maker's Faire with my friend, Zaida, her sister, and one of her sister's friends. I remember the first time I ever went to the Maker's Faire was with Eliane, Emilia, Lottie, and Tom. Today was a blast! We went and made gemstones, hairbands, books, and I even got to get a really cute pair of earrings! They are metal little cameras that have diamonds in the lenses (the whole lens)! I am wearing them now! Also, today was our last soccer game... we didn't win though. We all got metals and coach Kristine got a rally nice card that Natasha made. She cut out the music part of a music card and put it in a card she made! She had everybody sign it. After our game, we had a party at Ms.Gretchen's house. I think they're house was beautiful! When my dad first moved here, he lived the same house that they are living in now! I am also SUPER excited, because tomorrow, we are going bowling... well, me only. There was an auction at my school, and Domie did for me! Thank you Domie! I am also going with Devlin, Jackson, and Ella.



Sunday, April 15, 2012


  Hi it's Mila!
 My mom sent me this thing:

I really think you will like it!
 My family and I each found one that stood for us!
Mine is the Sloth.


P.S. this is my "dynamite" song
Mila version 

I threw my sandwich at the subway guy, sayin' ayo! Where's my mayo?! I wanna celebrate an' live my life, sayin' ayo! Wheres my mayo?! I'm gonna take it onnnnnn like, I'm gonna be the last one screamin', oh take it onnnnnnnn like, I'm gonna be the last one screamin' like ma-ay-o baby like, ma-ay-o. I just want it all, I just want it all. So baby put yo sandwich in the a-air, sandwich in the air. Put yo sandwich in the air air air air air air air air
(end of song)
                                                     This is my sloth. You have to read
                                                    what it says to understand it though.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


  About a year ago, my dad got me a Bearded  Dragon named Buddy.
    Last month, on March 1st, my dad let Buddy out (with I asked him not to) without his leash (with I also asked him not to do) around 12:00 in the afternoon. When he came back at 5:00 that evening, Buddy was gone!
  He has been missing for a month and (Eliane already knows this) yesterday the downstairs neighbor, Monte, her cat ,Gato, found Buddy! Thank you Gato! Buddy is safe and sound now, but my dad keeps on saying that we have to donate him to the Mission Science Workshop this summer! 
I had a very stubborn answer,

My dad said its either that or I but the crickets myself, OR my mom takes him (I'm sure she would hate that).

Here is a picture of Buddy now.
(I'll post more pictures later but I'm kinda in a hurry!)