Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maker's Faire

  Hey guys! Today, I went to the Maker's Faire with my friend, Zaida, her sister, and one of her sister's friends. I remember the first time I ever went to the Maker's Faire was with Eliane, Emilia, Lottie, and Tom. Today was a blast! We went and made gemstones, hairbands, books, and I even got to get a really cute pair of earrings! They are metal little cameras that have diamonds in the lenses (the whole lens)! I am wearing them now! Also, today was our last soccer game... we didn't win though. We all got metals and coach Kristine got a rally nice card that Natasha made. She cut out the music part of a music card and put it in a card she made! She had everybody sign it. After our game, we had a party at Ms.Gretchen's house. I think they're house was beautiful! When my dad first moved here, he lived the same house that they are living in now! I am also SUPER excited, because tomorrow, we are going bowling... well, me only. There was an auction at my school, and Domie did for me! Thank you Domie! I am also going with Devlin, Jackson, and Ella.



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