Sunday, April 15, 2012


  Hi it's Mila!
 My mom sent me this thing:

I really think you will like it!
 My family and I each found one that stood for us!
Mine is the Sloth.


P.S. this is my "dynamite" song
Mila version 

I threw my sandwich at the subway guy, sayin' ayo! Where's my mayo?! I wanna celebrate an' live my life, sayin' ayo! Wheres my mayo?! I'm gonna take it onnnnnn like, I'm gonna be the last one screamin', oh take it onnnnnnnn like, I'm gonna be the last one screamin' like ma-ay-o baby like, ma-ay-o. I just want it all, I just want it all. So baby put yo sandwich in the a-air, sandwich in the air. Put yo sandwich in the air air air air air air air air
(end of song)
                                                     This is my sloth. You have to read
                                                    what it says to understand it though.

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